LiverPole - Fitness Pole Dance Classes in Liverpool, UK
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much are the classes and how long do they last?
    Each class lasts an hour and is at the same time each week.  There are 6
    classes to the Bronze and Silver courses and you can stay on Gold as long as
    you like - there is so much to learn!
    Pay as you go classes are £10 per class so a course will cost £60.  However
    we have various offers available so check them out when booking - Special
  • What should I wear?
    You just need to wear something comfy like leggins or shorts, t-shirt and
    either bare feet or socks.  
  • I have no dance experience - does this matter?
    No not at all, its a fitness class more than a dance class and the routines are
    short and broken down for you.
  • I have no upper body strength - will I be able to do it?
    Yes of course.  The courses are structured to improve your strength and
    confidence on the pole.  We are also fully armed with chalk and gloves to help
    if you struggle at first.  So when the time comes to climb and invert - you'll
    surprise yourself on how far you have progressed!
  • Am too old, too young or too big
    No, no and no.  We have girls all shapes, sizes and ages although if you are
    under 18 you will need parental consent.  

If you have any questions not covered here, please ask.

Contact us for more info and to check availability.
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