LiverPole - Fitness Pole Dance Classes in Liverpool, UK
LiverPole - Fitness Pole Dance Classes in Liverpool, UK
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•        Please arrive early.
•        The course is for women aged 18+ or 16 with parental/guardian consent.
•        Please do not wear any type of cream, lotion or moisturiser as this increases
the risk of injury.
•        Wear/bring casual clothing preferably shorts or pants that can be rolled above
the knee.
•        If you have existing health/medical issues or complaints, or develop any during
the sessions, please inform the instructor immediately.
•        The class will be performed in bare feet.
•        During the class you will learn a short pole dance routine that will include;
-        pole spins
-        transition moves from pole to floor
-        transition moves from floor to pole
•        This will improve
-        fitness
-        muscle tone
-        flexibility
•        The classes have been designed to minimise the risk of injury ,including
blisters, bruising & pole burn.
•        Keep your pole clean & drink plenty of fluid throughout the session

If you have any questions contact Janine on 07921330893